To become a notary , you must have a degree in law and have completed the required period of notarial practice . The following stages of the route and the reference standard.



The requirements for carrying out the practice notary are:

  • The Italian citizenship or of one of the 28 European Union countries
  • The law degree at an Italian university , or with a foreign equivalent degree recognized.

The practice, since 2006, lasts 18 months with the possibility of anticipating six months already in the last year of university and takes place at one Notary to which you can apply directly ; alternatively you can make a request to the Council to designate the competent Notary from which carry out the practice. Once you locate the study, it is necessary entry in the register of practitioners held by the Council of Notaries Local, from whom every two months the practitioner must submit a certificate of the notary attesting to the actual performance. The practice starts after entry in the register of practitioners.

Should be noted that in order to anticipate the notarial practice during the last half-year college for students enrolled at the Faculty of Law after January 24, 2012 (entry into force of DL January 24, 2012 # 1 converted with the law March 24, 2012 n. 27) will require a specific agreement as required by art. 6 of Presidential Decree August 7, 2012 n.137.

For officials of the judiciary and lawyers in operation for at least one year is expected to practice shorthand for a continuous period of 8 months.

The Graduate Diploma, awarded by the Schools of Notaries, involves the rebate of one year for the completion of the notarial practice the basic period of 18 months, then to complete the practice at the office of Notary will take another 6 months of practice.

The practice should in any case be completed within 30 months from the inclusion. If the deadline expires in addition, the period of practice made ​​before the degree is not counted.



The competition for the award of a programmed number of locations notary is banished every year by the Ministry of Justice. They can enter the contest ending the practice within 45 days following the publication of the notice, period within which the application should be.

Is there an age limit of 50 years and you can participate in the competition, delivering all the processing for a maximum of three times.

The competition is held in Rome, and at the national level, and consists of two tests :

  • a written examination that consists of three trials involving the theoretical and practical preparation, motivated by an act of final disposition, an inter vivos and an inter vivos commercial law ;
  • an oral examination (which can access only those candidates who have passed the first) that focuses in three separate trials on the following groups of subjects:

    1. diritto civil, commercial and voluntary jurisdiction, particularly with regard to legal institutions in relation to which it performs the office of notary;
    2. Provisions about sorting of Notaries and notarial archives;
    3. disposizioni concerning indirect taxes.

The Selection Committee is composed of : judges, university professors and noticed at least ten years of service in the profession.

The evidence must be assessed in its entirety by the evaluators.

After the contest, the Ministry of Justice draws up the list of successful candidates.



The winners of the contest, the Ministry of Justice assigns, based on the ranking reached the location at which the neo notary is required to start within three months of a study (which will be compulsorily deposited and stored the documents, records and repertoires notary). Contrary to what is often claimed, therefore, the notarial function is not transmitted to their children, and the proof is that 82.5 % of notaries is not the son of a notary.

The assignment of the office and the appointment shall be effected by decree of the Director General of Civil Justice Ministry and are published in the Official Gazette.

The neo notary are provided by the Ministry of Justice, the seal and the tool to digitally sign. For this reason, the notary must deposit their signature accompanied from the impression of the seal at the Council of Notaries of belonging, which will then enter it in its role.